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Ali Barker

Music is a major influence on Ali's work, which is currently exploring visual representations of music and sound and colour, inspired by her sound-colour synaesthesia.  When she listens to music, each note of the musical scale is perceived as a different colour. 

Many of her paintings are based on geometric forms, from rigidly transcribed music to patterns derived from highs and lows of the melody.  Other paintings are instinctive synaesthetic responses made by directly applying the colours to the canvas whilst listening to the music.  She is also exploring combinations of these styles nd translating other sounds into colours.

Another area of interest is the skyline.  In 2011 she won the Merseytravel's Art on the Network competition 'Design a New Skyline' for the Queensway (Birkenhead) Tunnel.  Her 'Liverpool Composition' and 'Wirral Composition' designs were made into murals and are public artworks on permanent display at the end of each tunnel. 

Lily Batteson

Lily is an artist based in Lancashire who produces work in a variety of subject matter and loves to paint quirky or characterful images in a diversity of styles.  She draws her  inspiration from observations of her everyday environment and life.

Specialising in acrylics and by using bright and fresh colours, Lily loves to create images that have a cheerful and positive feel that make people smile and feel happy.

Although she paints different types of subject matter, including seaside scenes, she creates a lot of quirky and cheerful animal pictures featuring hares, badgers and her signature Highland Cows, which are often enhanced with glitter and small synthetic jewels to give foliage a sparkling effect

Steven Bruce
Steven Bruce is a local artist who specialises in capturing scenes from local life.  He also paints similarly themed pieces but depicting bygone scenes.
Sue Fenlon
Nicholas Goldsworthy
Diana Hand
Diana Hand is an equestrian artist who draws images of horses in a quick, sketch like style.
Fiona Joyce
Based in South Wales, Fiona Joyce creates stunning oil paintings of flowers and plants.  He uses impasto oil technique with a palette knife, which means applying a very thick texture of paint to the canvas.  The style is simple but effective.
Julie Kenworthy
Julie is a local artist and she works predominantly with coloured pencils.  She mainly draws animals, both domestic and wild.  The gallery stocks some of her prints, cards and coasters.
Little Things to Cherish
Little Things to Cherish is the creation of Catherine Bamber, a local artists.  She depicts an array of charming animals and fantasy creatures using a colourful palette.  Her designs are available in a number of formats, such as prints, canvas prints, beakers, coaters, compact mirrors, key rings, magnets, cushions and chopping boards.
Donations to certain charities are made from sales from selected ranges
Oi Doris
Oi Doris is a locally based artist whose "typewriter is her pencil".  She creates a range of pictures, including local scenes, 'drawn' using a vintage typewriter.  Her unique range includes prints and greeting cards.
Jane Richmond
Jane, from Burnley in Lancashire, works with acrylics.  She does lovely flower paintings and also figures.
Seaside Emporium
Seaside Emporium is based in Cleveleys on the Fylde Coast.  They produce two ranges of images.  One range is that of watercolour paintings, many of which are local, or seaside themed.  The others are illustrations depicting iconic places from local towns.

Jayne Stevenson

Jayne is a self taught artist who has been painting since she was a child, using a palette knife and working in oils.  She gradually developed her own style and ditched the palette knife in favour of brushes, very fine brushes, and embarked on very detailed work.After graduating from the palette knife to brushes she continued to work in oils for many years in tandem with watercolours, painting landscape subjects associated with history and heritage, such as castles, historic buildings and typical English scenes.  This was inspired by her interest in history which was the direction her career lead, obtaining a BA (Hons) and MA in the subject and then working as a freelance historian, lecturer and  genealogist.A number of year ago she moved away from oils and adopted acrylics, although she still used watercolours occasionally and has once again begun experimenting with oils.Numerous visits to the Isle of Anglesey in recent years have inspired her to paint the wide open spaces of seascapes, although landscapes, particularly local scenes, have not been neglected.

Jayne is the owner of Inspirations Gallery.

Jenny Ulyatt
Jenny Ulyatt is a watercolour artist based in Durham.  Her beautiful loosely painted pictures feature landscapes, flowers and animals.

Emma Underwood

Emma's inspiration for her paintings comes from her roots.  She loved art at school, especially visiting art galleries on school trips.  Her biggest inspiration, however, were her family.  Her grandfather was very creative, her two uncles constantly produced imaginative, technically superb and original pieces and her father was a technical designer whose ability to create something amazed and inspired her.  Being brought up in such an environment art was the direction her career followed, studying art at Preston College.  Through college she was inspired mostly by surrealism and photorealism.

Now living in the country, she is regularly visited by beautiful wildlife, birds, rabbits, pheasants, foxes, badgers, and the occasional escaped sheep or cow!

Taking inspiration from what she knows, like love and experience, has resulted in her naturally acquiring the style of painting she does today using surreal, cool, warm, light and dark colours carefully in watercolour, and making the eyes as real a possible to capture the character and personality of the animal.

Doreen Walsh
Doreen Walsh is a local artist who works in watercolours. She paints some landscapes including local scenes, but also lovely detailed flower pictures.
Christine Waring
Christine is a local artist and she works in both watercolours and acrylics.  Many of her paintings are done with children in mind, but she also does a lot of flower paintings.
Keith White
Keith is a local artist who works with watercolours.  He also does some pen and wash pictures.  He specialises in painting local scenes.