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Artists - Glasswork

A Touch of Glass
Based in Argyll, Scotland, A Touch of Glass works with fused glass. The pieces predominantly feature wildlife and flowers and the range includes hanger and curves but also more unusual pieces such as bird and bee garden stakes, poppy garden stakes and glass sculptures.

Jo Downs

Jo Downs is one of the world's most respected fused glass designers and she draws her inspiration from the Cornish coast where her studio us based.

Her range includes earring and jewellery dishes, large bowls, dishes and coasters and framed pieces in a variety of colours and designs.  She has been commissioned by churches, hotels, cruise liners and other corporate bodies to create pieces for them.

Dragonfly Dichroic

Dreya Glass (formerly ROY.G.BIV. Glass)

Based in Newquay in Cornwall, Dreya works with fused glass and amongst other things she makes 'present cards' which feature hanging glass ornaments attached to greetings cards.

Becky Haywood

Becky completed a glass degree in 2009 and has been working with and experimenting with, this medium since then.  She likes to try out new ideas and techniques and as a result her range of work often changes.

Jules Jules

Jules Jules makes a range of fused glass pieces that includes coasters, waves and hanging ornaments.  Her designs feature cats and dogs, hearts and seaside scenes.

Ally Noble

Ally has a design degree and has been working in the arts for over 30 years as a computer artist and project manager. 

Feeling this work lacked tactility, she looked for a more 'hands on' outlet for her creativity and glass caught her imagination.

She developed her ideas and techniques and was awarded a grant from the Crafts Council which enabled her to buy equipment which meant she was able to increase the size and scope of her work.  She now fuses glass full time and exhibits in many galleries across the UK.

Ally is fascinated by natural phenomenon, movement, water and light and tends to return to her love of nature, birds, trees, and landscape in her work.  She also loves fluidity of fish under water and tries to recreate this in her 2D work using layers to mimic the refractive properties of water along with the movement and balance in 3D work to imitate natural actions.

Her work is best seen with light behind and many are designed to hang in windows where they can move freely.  

Pam Peters

Pam Peters is from Deganwy in North Wales and she works with fused glass. She creates a range of pieces which includes vases, waves, curves and greeting cards. Her designs feature trees and flowers.  The gallery stock pieces from her flower range which includes wildflowers, cornflowers, poppies and daisies.

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